• What’s in the box?

The contents of your box will be a complete surprise.  You’re gonna have to trust us!  Each box will include 2 - 5 quality items and a delightful gift.  While our focus will be on clothing, boxes could also include shoes, bags, accessories and outerwear. 


  • What are my box options?

Girl Boss Starter Kit:                 $159.00/Month

The Over Achiever:                 $289.00/Month

The C-Suite:                           $459.00/Month

The Owner's Box:                   $759.00/Month


  • What sort of value can I expect?

We are not a discount retailer, but we do understand every girl loves a good deal.  Expect each box to be worth more than the price you pay.  We’ll leave it at that.


  • Do you charge a styling fee?

No.  We can’t wait to get our stylish hands all over you.  We love this stuff!


  • What type of designers can I expect?

We feature designers from all around the world. Our goal is to introduce you to designers you ought to know along with those we may know all too well.

Designers to include:  Black Halo as seen on Megan Markle!  (Platinum and Black Label boxes only), Acler, JOA, Emerson Fry,and much more.

Get ready to be delighted!

  • What clothing sizes do you carry?

We currently carry US size 0 - 14.  More to come!

  • Gifts


How can I send Harper’s Inbox as a gift?  Simple.  Just click here GIFTS 



  • What are your sustainability practices?

All of our packaging is either recyclable or reusable.  Everything.  Please reuse!

We place top priority on designers that produce their clothing in a sustainable way and we’ll let you know.

Absolutely no fur. Faux fur only.

All beauty items will be cruelty free.  Note:  Only select boxes will receive beauty.



  • Is this a Membership Service?


Yes.  Harper’s Inbox is Members Only. 

To apply, simply complete your Style Profile and we'll follow-up with you within 48 business hours.

Now, while we do our best to accommodate all those who complete our style profile and particularly those who’ve been accepted, we do understand that we cannot please everyone – though we’ll try!  As such, Harper’s reserves the right to accept or decline any applicant. 


We anticipate 7 in 10 applicants will be accepted.  Fingers crossed!


  • What are the membership rules?


  1. Kindness:    You must treat the Harper’s community with kindness and respect.  Particularly on social media.

  2. Style:   We’ll do our part to style you, but you must do your part to keep it up.  Treat each piece of clothing you receive with style and care.

  3. Commitment:     Things only get better with time.  We ask that each member commits to at least 3 months with Harper’s.  This will allow us to get to know you and your style.  This is only an ask.  You are certainly free to test it out for one month… though our research says 85% of you will be back ☺


  • I was declined by Harper’s Inbox.  Now what?


We’re super sorry, but hang tight, I’m sure our stylist had a good reason.

Please send an email to stylist@harpersinbox.com   



  • What is your return policy?


Returns are allowed.

Rest assured, our stylists work insanely hard to ensure each piece surprises and delights you. Seriously, they’re already obsessed with you.


And, don't forget, you get to keep all of your pieces.  Yes, everything in your box is yours to keep (or even gift to someone else) which makes us unique from other clothing box models. 

Items must be returned within 5 business days if the pieces simply do not work for you.  Items must be returned in their original condition, with tags and no signs of wear.


  • What is your exchange policy?


Items can be exchanged if returned within 7 business days in the same condition in which you received them.  Tags included if applicable.



  • Shipping


Standard shipping is free within the continental US (does not include Hawaii and Alaska)

Expedited shipping is available. 

Email clientservices@harpersinbox.com for more information.


  • Do you ship outside of the U.S.?


We will ship to Canada.  Fees apply.

  • I loved my box!  How do I leave a review?

Please send an email to clientservices@harpersinbox.com  


  • Yikes!  My box wasn’t quite what I was expecting

Please send an email to clientservices@harpersinbox.com 


  • Still waiting on my box.  WTF?

Please send an email to clientservices@harpersinbox.com



  • How are payments processed?

You will be invoiced for your box on the 15th of each month. 


Payments are due upon receipt. 

Boxes begin to ship on the 1st of each month.  Limited quantities each month.

Please note:  timing for the October launch will vary.


  • Why do you issue invoices?

Good question.  Unfortunately, we can only accommodate approved members of Harper’s Inbox.  As such, we do not want anyone paying for a box online without being officially accepted to Harper’s. 




  • Influencer


I’d love to be added to your influencer list.  What are the requirements?

We look for individuals with 10K + followers on Instagram to start.  If that’s you, let’s chat.

Please send an email to harper@harpersinbox.com 


  • Partnerships


We’d love to work with Harper’s Inbox.  What’s the process?


Please send an email to harper@harpersinbox.com


  • Press


We need to talk to Harper’s.  Whom shall we direct press inquiries?


Please send an email to harper@harpersinbox.com   Subject:  PRESS